The Endocannabinoid and Metabolic Health Group (EMHG) provides consulting and communications services.  Our broad capabilities allow us to deliver science-based, accredited solutions that provide value to healthcare professionals and patients.

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Programs & Presentations

Our clinician-driven programs are proven models for expanding awareness and treatment options within varying disease states. Our specialists are experienced in managing every aspect of the program to achieve desired learning objectives. Tactics include faculty selection, agenda creation, logistical management, and every stage of content development.


We collaborate with clients to put together comprehensive plans that meet their strategic goals. EMHG believes every message and touchpoint matters.  We provide consistent support and guidance to make it easier to achieve your objectives.

Global Strategies

Partner with EMHG to navigate the world of medicine, from the local level to the global level.  Our services help educate a growing global community.  We make it simple to put together coherent communications and training materials for all audiences.

Content Writing & Marketing

Our subject matter experts complete extensive research of both the audience and desired topic to communicate the message effectively.  EMHG is experienced in developing accurate and compliant content for educational and marketing purposes.


Not every meeting is created equal.  Content is key and the details matter.  Partner with EMHG experts to construct productive meetings at any level and from any location.  We can provide turn-key solutions to maximize your recruitment and ensure the meeting outcomes are valuable for all parties.


In this digital age it’s absolutely necessary to develop eMedia communications.  Partner with EMHG to increase interactions, track ROI and broaden access to target audiences. IBP offers a wide array of multimedia services including website development, micro-applications, social media planning, and podcasts. We can even help transfer current static content into interactive assets that provide analytics and learning benchmarks so that your message continues to evolve with the needs of the market.

Key Opinion Leader Identification & Advocacy Management

EMHG works to maximize your potential to earn advocacy and sponsorship by identifying key opinion leaders and influencers.  Building and/or strengthening relationships KOL’s is imperative to success.  Our subject matter experts can help target influencers, connect with clinicians from relevant disease states and provide results analytics.

Manuscript Development

EMHG medical writers provide a comprehensive line of publication services including professional manuscript writing and editorial support to assist at any stage of the process.  We can shepherd you from author identification to submission. We’ll manage deadlines, support lead authors and work across teams to develop a seamless process.

Speaker Training & Speaker’s Bureau Management

Speaker training and management of speaker bureaus are essential in today’s medical world, with the FDA holding organizations accountable for their speakers’ presentations. We’ll develop and execute live or online training for speakers as well as for team members, ensuring your message is delivered appropriately keeping you on top of all the relevant budget and compliance requirements.

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